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Founded in 1970 as a bicycle shop and general goods store, our business grows more dynamic by the decade.

In 1980, we became one of Riau, Indonesia’s largest lubricant distributors. In 1990, we ventured into asphalt trade: building a full-scale trading network, an expert workforce and extensive infrastructure.

Today, we emerge as Asia’s end-to-end logistics network for asphalt and fuel.

We operate a fully integrated supply chain with capabilities that meet the most demanding requirements in seaborne logistics. Our fleet of tankers, terminals, trucks, and storages are stationed strategically across Asia to ensure an efficient supply of petroleum products. Our dedicated experts are available 24/7 to action on-ground demands. We equate your success with ours, which is why our entire network is geared to help you move your business further.

We have won the prestigious E50 award for sustainable innovation 4 times in a row.

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These are 3 ideals upon which we build our success. It’s what anchors our decisions and propels us to push boundaries. We continuously enhance logistical processes, optimise communications, and assess outcomes of every move. We undertake industry-wide issues; pioneering sustainable packages as well as processes that double product durability.

We own and operate all seaborne and onshore infrastructure to control operational placement, timing, and standards. Our expert teams—knowledgeable, experienced, professional—are the engines of our supply chain; navigating through logistical complexities, ensuring your cargo is handled with the utmost care and on schedule.

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